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Dear Valued Customer,

we inform you that starting from August 1st, 2019, the Pepenero Club Card must be renew, with some important changes; in particular, the permanent discount of 10%, while representing a great effort for us, didn’t seem to be the major attraction factor.


A much greater success has been achieved by "dedicated initiatives", ie "special events" (parties, thematic menus, wine tasting, etc.) with highly reduced prices ONLY for members of The Club.


To subscribe the card is necessary:

  • To subscribe the FB page Pepenero Card Members;

  • To fill the form here below

  • Consume a dinner to Pepenero 


Membership will entitle you to the following opportunities:


Discount on the final bill, including food, drinks and wine, every time you dine at Pepenero.

(discount is excluded only for Wines already in promotion).



Priority invitation (it means “right of pre-emption”) to all the thematic initiatives, events, parties organized by Pepenero, at a dedicated price (from 10 up to 20% discount; even free, for some occasions).



  1. 50% discount for you;

  2. 10% discount for all your guests (with the exception of wine, for which the discount is always 5%).

NOTE: in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, please note that the Pepenero Card entitles you to a personal discount (discount for more people with only one card is allowed in case of couples, or families with children). In case of larger groups, the discount will be applied according to the number of people in possession of the Card.

The new policy will be valid from 1 August 2019 to 31 July 2020.

Without other communications, the conditions set out in this document will be automatically renewed

Renewal Pepenero Card
Choose an option

The Pepenero Card can be issued only with the registration to the Facebook group PEPENERO CARD MEMEBERS. Click on the button to connect

Your request has been sent

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