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A wide selection of regional high quality products, mostly D.O.P. (EU Quality Brand certifying the product origin)

Grana Padano DOP

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP

Pecorino Piccante

Pecorino Dolce

Percorino Romano


Gorgonzola Dolce DOP

Taleggio DOP




Fresh or seasoned, sweet or tasty, we offer a selection of most famous italian cheese


Mozzarella Bufala DOP

Mozzarella Casaro

Scamorza affumicata



On demand:







Parma Ham is known worldwide, but let us guide you in a new tasting path with many other niche products as the valuable Piacenza salamis.



Parma Ham DOP


Salame Piacentino DOP

Coppa Piacentina DOP

Pancetta arrotolata

Pancetta stesa

Mortadella IGP

Lardo DOP


Prosciutto Crudo

Salame Napoli

Salame Milano

Salame Piccante

Salamini Cacciatori DOP


Salame di Cinghiale (Boar)

Bresaola (Beef)



Artichokes, mushrooms, olives, capers and many other pickles in oil or vinagre: you can find a wide selection of groceries in different packages


Cipolline Masiello 580 ml

Lampascioni Masiello 580 ml

Olive Verdi Cerignola 1,700 ml

Melanzane Arrosto Mas. 1,700 ml

Carciofi Interi Mas. 1,700 ml

Pomodoro Semisecchi 1,700 ml

Melanzane a Filetti Mas. 1,700

Cetriolini Masiello 1,700 ml

Tris di Funghi Mas. 3,100 ml

Olive Leccino Masiello 3,100 ml

Cuori di Carciofo Mas. 3,100

Black Pitted Olive Can 360 ml

Ceci Masiello Can 400 ml

Lenticchie Masiello 400 ml

Fagioli Borlotti Masiello 400 ml

Fagioli Bianchi di Spagna 400

Fagioli Cannellini Mas. 400 ml

Carciofi Interi Mas. 400 ml

Funghi Tagliati Mas. 400 ml

Funghi Porcini Trifolati 850 ml

Funghi Nameko 2,5 Kg

Tris di Verdure Grigliate 314 ml

Lampascioni Masiello 314 ml

Olive Verdi Intere Mas. 314 ml

Olive Verdi Farcite Mas. 314 ml

Cipolline Masiello 314 ml

Capperi Masiello 212 ml

Melanzane a Filetti 314 ml

Carciofini Villanella Mas. 580 ml

Peperoni a Filetti 580 ml

Funghi di Muschio 580 ml

Insalatina di Verdure 580 ml




Capperi Masiello 580 ml

Carciofi Arrostiti Mas. 580 ml

Carciofi Interi Mas. 580 ml

Carciofi Tagliati Mas. 580 ml

Olive Verdi Giganti Mas. 580 ml

Melanzane a Filetti Mas. 580 ml

Olive Verdi Bella Cerignola 580

Cetriolini Masiello 580 ml

Funghi Interi Mas. 580 ml

Funghi alla Contadina 580 ml

Carciofini Interi Masiello 314 ml

Cetriolini Masiello 314 ml

Funghi Interi Arrostiti 314 ml

Funghi Interi Masiello 314 ml

Peperoni Arrostiti  314 ml

Cipolline Borretane 314 ml

Funghi di Muschio  314 ml

Carciofi Tagliati Masiello 314 ml

Cipolle Borretane Arrosto 314 ml

Olive Nere secche 314 ml

Olive Verdi Denocciolate 314 ml

Peperoni alla Casalinga 314 ml

Tris di Funghi Masiello 314 ml

Pomodori Secchi Masiello 314

Carciofi alla Villanella M. 314 ml

Giardiniera Masiello 314 ml

Antipasto di Verdure 314 ml

Condimento x Riso Mas. 314 ml

Olive Leccino Mas. 314 ml

Misto Toast Masiello 314 ml

Melanzane a Filetti Masiello





Two famous italian Pasta brands wich also offer Bio and Gluten-free products



Vermicelli 500 gr

Spaghetti  N.3 500 gr

Bucatini 500 gr

Linguine 500 gr

Pennette Rigate  N.87 500 gr

Penne Rigate  N.19 500 gr

Rigatoni 500 gr

Fusilli  N.78 500 gr

Farfalle 500 gr

Tagliatelle 500 gr

 Fettuccine 250 gr.

Chifferi Rigati 500 gr



Chitarra 500 gr

Paccheri 500 gr

Fusilloni Giganti 500 gr

Fusilotti 500 gr

Trofie  250 gr.

Strozzapreti 250 gr.

Orzo Pasta 500 gr

Spaghetti Bio Gluten free 250 gr.


Peeled, chopped or puree tomato is the base of most italian recipes. We offer small or big packages

CIAO Tomato Peeled

CIAO Tomato Pizza Sauce

MUTTI  Tomato Peeled

MUTTI  Fine Crushed Tomatoes

MUTTI  Tomatoes Pizza Sauce Classic

MUTTI  Tomato PizzaSauce Aromatizzata

Tomato Peeled 400 gr

Tomato Crushed 400 gr

DIVELLA Passata (Tomato Puree)

MUTTI  Tomato Peeled

MUTTI  Fine Crushed Tomatoes

MUTTI  Passata (Tomato Puree)

Can 2.5 kg

Can 4,1 Kg

Can 2,5 Kg

Can 2,5 Kg

Can 4,100 Kg

Can 4,100 Kg

Can 400 gr.

Can 400 gr.

Btl 700 gr.

Tin 400 gr.

Can 400 gr.

Btl 700 gr.

Oil and Vinegar
Oil and Vinegar



Sabroso (Spain)


Olitalia (Italy)




Virgin Oil Sabroso (Spain)




White Truffle E.V.O Sinfonia Golosa




Balsamic Vinegar Modena IGP,

Olitalia (Italy)


White Vinegar Terra del Tuono  (Italy)


5 Lt.


250 ml




5 Lt.




700 ml




250 ml


250 ml

A wide selection of italian coffee brands for home and professional use.



Illy Coffee Graund

Graund Decaffeinated

Ipso Capsules Med.Roast (Red)

Ipso Capsules Dark Roast (Black)

Ipso Capsules Lungo (Blue)

Ipso Capsules Decaffeinated (Green)




D.F.Italian ground coffee for moka Gold

D.F. Italian bean coffee for bar Gold




Miscela Bar 1kg

Cafferino grani

Espresso Solubile


Espresso Traditional Ground

Fair Trade Max Havelaar Espresso

Elite Beans

Decaffeinato Ground

Capsule Crema Long

Capsules Espresso

Capsule Decaffeinato

Capsule tradition

Decaffeinato  Cialde


250 Gr.

125 Gr.

21 Pcs

21 Pcs

21 Pcs

21 Pcs




Pack 250 gr

Pack 1000 gr




Pack 1 kg

Pack 1 kg

Jar 100 gr

Jar 100 gr

Pack 250 gr

Pack 250 gr

Pack 250 gr

Pack 250 gr

Box 10 Pcs

Box 10 Pcs

Box 10 Pcs

Box 10 Pcs

Box 20 Pcs

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